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Our new website has launched as an opportunity for MIZON lovers to connect with us all around the globe. Now you can shop your favorite skincare products directly from South Korea and keep an eye on our newest releases. Isn't it fun?

This is our first global website, and we are so excited to connect and learn with you.

We are currently shipping to a wide range of countries and working really hard to expand as we go. If your country is not listed yet, we deeply appreciate your patience.

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MIZON is a South Korean beauty brand designed to push the boundaries of what defines beauty.

Everyone has a unique journey to accessing effective skincare solutions, and we are here to make that journey easier by providing cutting edge formulations that redefine what skincare can achieve.

We have been carefully researching and formulating high quality products for all skin types since 2007, and became a consumer favorite with the launch of our original All in One Snail Repair Cream at that time.
The brand has since expanded to more than 70 countries by developing an array of different ranges using the best ingredients, innovative technologies, and intense research.

MIZON offers skincare and makeup solutions that are highly effective and simple to use, while maintaining a deep sustainability concern.

Rest assured that our products are dermatological tested and not tested on animals.

The brand focuses on more natural, organic and vegan formulations alongside eco-friendly packaging, always keeping an eye in the future.

And “future” is one of the concepts that PFD, the name behind MIZON, stands for: People, Future and Dream.
A company that’s striving to make products that resonate with future demands.


Innovative skincare formulas for all


When it comes to product development, MIZON is result-oriented and focused on solving people’s skin concerns. As a result of our deep commitment, the brand has developed patented ingredient complexes that target specific issues that you might care about.

So far, our Cicaluronic line has its Cicaluronic complex (Centella asiatica + Hyaluronic acid) for sensitive skin and Goodbye Blemish line, its Acnotide complex (a unique peptide complex) to fight acne.
If you are not into ingredients and labels, fret not! We are here to make your choices easier, without any fearmongering or fake information that you can find all over the internet. At MIZON, we do our best to educate and inspire throughout our products and content, that you can find in our social channels and now in this brand-new website.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We hope you enjoy our new global experience, and thank you for sharing your skincare journey with us.