What is glass skin?


Amongst the countless Korean beauty trends taking the world by storm, the “Glass skin” trend has positioned itself as one of the most popular ones in recent years. On social media platforms, a plethora of posts flaunting seemingly unattainable, yet flawless skin floods the feeds, leaving us in absolute awe and lust for it.

Put short, as the name suggests, the glass skin trend strives to obtain a glass pane-like skin texture. A radiant natural highlight, youthful and hydrated skin resembling an early morning’s dew, and a velvety-smooth surface without a pore or blemish in sight, are all features that fabricate this impeccable look.

For those yearning to achieve the glass skin look but discouraged by its seemingly impossible nature, we have broken it down into rudimentary steps to obtain that coveted glazed, gleaming, and glossy glass skin complexion. Before diving into the steps, however, remember that no single skincare routine is fitted for everyone. Different skin types may have differing results, so personalize and alter our general framework to especially serve your beautiful and unique skin.

What are the steps in achieving it?


1.Double Cleansing
It is no surprise that double cleansing is the first step of the journey for glass skin. Getting a clean surface is just as, if not even more, important as lathering on layers of product.The first cleanse primarily focuses on removing makeup, oils, and impurities accumulated on the skin's surface. We recommend starting with the Cicaluronic Cleansing Balm, an oil-based cleanser perfect for the job. Not only does it deep cleanse the skin with minimal eye-stinging, but it also soothes and moisturizes it. The mint-colored sherbet-like formulation will immediately melt and easily roll on the face, removing unwanted particles when washed with lukewarm water.

Moving onto the second cleanse, it is advised to use a non-abrasive water-based cleanser to wash off any remaining impurities trapped inside the pores to help get a smooth complexion, a vital aspect of the glass skin look. Despite 94% of its ingredients being derived from natural sources and its gentle and mild nature, the Youth Cleansing Milk still effectively washes off any unwanted remnants.
What’s more is that in a similar fashion to how K-beauty trends have introduced ground-breaking skincare products to the world, this cleanser also offers the next-generation anti-aging ingredient retinol, derived from vitamin A.

2. Exfoliate
After thoroughly rinsing your face with lukewarm water and patting it dry, exfoliating and rolling off the dead skin cells for that prime skin surface is next on the agenda. Exfoliating can have short-term benefits, such as preventing pores from clogging and hence preventing acne, but it also brings long-term benefits, including boosting collagen production that will help you achieve a plump and luminous complexion.

One of our favorites is the Vita Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel, containing vitamin C which has countless benefits such as brightening, reducing redness, and hydrating, which then creates a synergetic effect with the French sparkling water present in the gel, rich in minerals and beneficial in purifying the skin.

3. Toner
When product layering, it is vital to remember to go from the lightest to the densest products. On that account, toners begin the ‘hydration’ course in this skincare routine to create the desired dewy and translucent glass skin look.

Our AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner not only mildly exfoliates the skin to make it smooth and supple but also restores the pH balance in the skin,
which is essential to lock in moisture and prevent bacteria from growing on the skin. Furthermore, it functions as a booster that promotes the absorption
of active ingredients of products following the toner, including serum and moisturizer, doubling the effectiveness of packing moisture into the skin.

4. Serum
The next layer of hydration is the serum to pack even more hydration into the deepest layers of the skin. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, serums have brought us a new realm of skincare to add to our daily routines.

We recommend our Phyto Plump Collagen Serum, a gel-type serum that intensely hydrates the skin to leave a moist finish. 88% of its ingredients are from natural origins such as Tremella (white mushroom) based polysaccharide and Brown Algae complex, allowing the serum to be soft and soothing on the skin without any risk of irritation.

5. Moisturizer
Hydration lies at the epicenter of the glass skin trend. Ingredients such as hyaluronic have become a staple in skincare routines due to their unmatched moisture-retention ability and capability to draw moisture into the skin.

Our Water Volume EX Cream will perfect and complete this skincare routine with its ability to purify and add vitality to dry skin, improve the moisture barrier, and increase moisture retention ability. Moreover, using a moisturizer maximizes the benefits of the serum and toner applied previously by firmly sealing it into the skin, ensuring that the maximum capacity of moisture is secured.

Is it worth following this trend?


The glass skin trend is worth a try, given the endless benefits it brings to your skin. It never hurts anyone to try and establish a healthy routine and take the time to protect and care for your skin.

Nonetheless, it is important to remind ourselves not to get trapped in our desires to obtain the glossy skin we see all over social media and stress about the results. Those (probably photoshopped) countless social media posts should not have us fooled that we need to have the most impeccable skin humanly possible to have ‘truly’ achieved the “Glass skin” trend. Truthfully, reaching the best skin possible for you is when you have indeed manifested this skin trend.

With that in mind, take a more holistic approach to this trend, embrace the process, and ultimately embark on a personal skincare journey prioritizing your happiness and well-being above all else. After all, who else gets to decide what achieving ‘glass skin’ means to you except for you?