Nature and Science

With its unique combination of active ingredients and plant extracts, Village 11 Factory ® products deliver effective results with gentle formulations to take care of your skin concerns. Inspired by a cherry-picked collection of plants of both Ocean and Land and created to respect our Planet, Village 11 Factory does good for more than just your skin.

Our greatest pride is behind our authentic and traceable ingredients - those that best serve Skin and the Earth. Nature is important to us, which is why our products are manufactured with the environment in mind. We are constantly improving our packaging, introducing innovative materials to continue to do less harm. This is an ongoing process and we strive for PROGRESS, not PERFECTION.

Customized Skin Care

Village 11 Factory was originally created to pursue the skincare value while enjoying and having a fun with the skin care experience in 2016.
The vision of Village 11 factory is to create exceptional products for all our customers.
Village 11 Factory has the premium vegan skincare line and essentials skin care line that is aiming to meet the customer’s needs in global markets.
Specially, in 2022 the premium vegan skin care line was developed to present the effective actives and advanced formulation 

Our sustainability Path

What we are doing

1. Over 76% of naturally-derived ingredients in our formulations follow up with our clean beauty concept
2. All Village 11 Factory® products boxes are produced with 15% of agricultural residues as raw material, facilitating its recycling and biodegradation
3. Our packaging boxes are fabricated in facilities that use hydroelectrical green energy, reducing our carbon footprint
4. All product containers are fabricated with 30% of PCR & tube containers with 50% of PCR material to reduce plastic production
5. We have included a QR code printed directly on the packaging, to provide extra information about the product while reducing ink consumption

Sustainability Commitment

Village 11 Factory® is committed to minimizingits environmental impactwith pledges related to formulations and
packagingdesigned for a reduced carbon footprint. Our formulations contain over 76% of naturally derived ingredients and there are suitable for all skin types,
while the design of our packaging has been carefully selected considering sustainability as our guideline.
Village 11 Factory® packaging containersare fabricated with 30~50% of PCR in order to contribute to the plastic reduction and to further minimize
our environmental impact, the packaging boxes of our products are produced using 15% of agricultural residue materialsthat facilitate recycling
and biodegradation, and they are fabricated in facilities that use hydroelectrical green energy.

What we are seeking to do

1. Reach 100% naturally derived ingredients & vegan formulations to ensure suitableness for every skin type while matching our organic product pursue
2. High-quality, natural and effective products with real marketing claims
3. For the existing products, replace the packaging with 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) components to reduce plastic utilization
4. For new products, include refillable packaging while offering upcycling guidelines to reduce waste and upgrade our sustainability pledges

Village 11 Factory's parent company, PFD Co., Ltd. is a global enterprise with a presence spanning more than 70 countries. 
PFD is resolute in its mission to lead global beauty trends and contribute to the creation of a brighter tomorrow for all.