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Fresh Dewy Rose Petal Facial Serum Mist

Size 100 ml/ 3.38 fl.oz

About the Product

Double-layer serum mist enriched with Bulgarian Damask Rose Water and Oil, and Rosemary leaf extract to replenish your skin moisture while helping to balance and improve skin tone with Niacinamide and Village's exclusive 11 complex

Key Benefits

  • Special two-layer formula

    Hydrates and boost antioxidants into the skin with Organic Bulgarian Damask Rose Water & Oil while protecting from moisture loss and helping to keep the skin balanced with Squalane and Argan Oil

  • Niacinamide and V11 complex 2%

    Gentle formulation containing NIacinamide to help even out the skin tone while 2% of the Village’s exclusive complex will help your skin to boost hydration, restore vitality, and reduce wrinkle depth.

  • Natural ingredients and fast absorption

    A nutritious formula containing 92.1% naturally derived ingredients that easily absorbs and penetrates the skin to improve general skin condition and balance the skin barrier.

  • Restock hydration for a long-lasting moisture

    Green tea extract, Bulgarian Rose extract, Squalane & Argan Oil helps to deeply hydrate and replenish your skin while holding your moisture lock in for a long-lasting hydration.

  • Boost antioxidants to keep your skin protected

    2% Village 11TM complex, Sunflower seed oil, and Rosemary extract deliver rich and powerful antioxidant ingredients to help improve your skin barrier and keep you protected from environmental damage.

Key Concerns

  • Dry Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Dullness
  • Signs of Aging

VILLAGE11 Beauty Tips

Early anti-aging solution for skin that thirsts for collagen!
Marine collagen is a type of high-molecular protein extracted from fish scales and it has the most similar molecular structure and properties to the collagen found in human skin. It provides moisture and nutrition to the skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Bulgarian Damask Rose
    Provides rich hydration and boost the skin with antioxidants
  • Squalane
    Deeply nourishes dry skin and prevent moisture loss
  • V11 complex
    Helps the skin to balance, restores hydration and reduces wrinkle depth

Full Ingredients

Mizon's Beauty Tips

How To Use sunscreen correctly 
Sunscreen should be applied daily at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.
If you want to prevent pilling, let your skincare fully absorb before applying sunscreen. 

Suggested Usage

  • Step 1

    Shake enough to mix the layer of oil and serum before using the product.

  • Step 2

    Close your eyes, spray the product over your face, and let it absorb naturally.

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